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Solid State Location Sound

I am pleased to announce that I am now recording my Location Sound on a Solid State, Compact Flash Card digital recorder.
Yes, I have replaced my, (ROLLS ROYCE) 8 Track HHB Portadrive, PDR2000, hard disk recorder with a (FERRARI) 10 Track Zaxcom FUSION, dual Compact Flash recorder, with touch screen.
Rolls Royces are quality , classy, but big and heavy. Ferraris are also quality, classy, but are more agile and faster.

The FUSION enables a smaller, lighter, setup, and 1 battery lasts 7 hours. No moving parts, (like harddisk or DVDRam burner). So if need be, I can be more mobile.
So, at the end of the day audio rushes are provided on SD Flash Card or if say Telecine sync was required can still produce Data CD, DVD, or DVD Ram. This provides a readily available distribution format for both post video and post sound. Should an SD card reader not be available, I can lend the post house a simple SD card reader.

The SD card was chosen for rushes (as against Compact Flash), as it provides a cost effective, fast medium, that Production Company can keep as an archive. Compact Flash and hard disks for rushes are speedy, but their cost would mean recordist would want these items returned after rushes transfer. Having the SD Card archive, means I am providing you with rushes that are physically transportable to all stages of Post Prod, and even to say an external audio post house, where having all the takes recorded available is advantages.

DATA Integrity is paramount.
The FUSION records to the first CF Card in a format that means even if power lost in middle of a take, all audio up to that point is safe.
The second CF Card has standard BWF files mirrored onto it. I use the Firewire output to mirror to SD Card. So at wrap time, there are 3 copies of the data.
For long term archiving, I have a hard disk at home that I permanently keep a copy of all my rushes, should they need to be revisited months later.
The original CF cards are recycled ( and data removed), as they fill up.

- Whether shooting film, RED Camera or any Video format, recording Hard Disk or Compact Flash and producing rushes on flash medium or optical DVD, means Audio Post has all of the available audio , in a quickly accessible and compatible format
- The digitized audio is all ready chopped up and named with scene and take number ready for syncing to pictures. The SD Card rushes are ready for handover within 5 minutes of wrap being called.
- The extra tracks mean that if I have say 3 radio mics and a boom, I can record those iso tracks, individually, and at the same time do my traditional 2 track mix for rushes. These six tracks would be available to use as needed. 10 tracks total are available.
- The low power useage and touchscreen QWERTY keyboard, results in a light, over the shoulder recorder, still able to quickly enter in Slates, notes etc in metadata.
- If syncing required at Telecine stage, then a DVD Ram Disk can be provided for this.

There are a variety of Digital recorders available. I chose the FUSION for its ease of use, data integrity, does not get hot, and easy Slate number and notes manipulation. It was time to move on to Solid Sate Media, and get rid of whirring hard and optical disks.
And just for total piece of mind, I always have a Fostex FR2 CompactFlash Recorder , (2 Tracks with Timecode), as a safety standby recorder, in the van.
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