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2010 -2015 NOTABLE TVCs + Drama + Videos + Web

Title Director Production Co WHITTAKERS CHOCHOLATE TVC (Nigella) Kevin Denholm Exposure POWER RANGERS Main Unit (fill in days) Mike Smith Power Rangers Prod FMG Rural INSURANCE TVC Kevin Denholm Exposure BEERSIES TVC Chris Dudman Robbers Dog ADIDAS/NZR All Blacks TVC/Viral Augusto SPARK DIGITAL TVC/Viral Campaign Andrew Newland Toybox EDUCATION in NZ DOCO Bryan Bruce Red Sky KENNARDS HIRE TVCs Kate Edwards
Shae Constatine KONTENTED (Sydney) RAISING CHILDREN Parenting Video Series Jude Dobson Raising Children Media PRISON FELLOWSHIP International DOCO Kevin Denholm Exposure HOLDEN SHORTLAND ST TVC Gary Sims Film 360 NZ ELECTIONS TVCs /Web Greg Wood Exit Films 2 DEGREES "SmartOnes" "Data" "ShareEverything" "Say No" Stuart McDonald Sweetshop PEPTO BISMOL Sam Holst Sweetshop WAREHOUSE "Salesforce" Yianni Warnock 50 Kaliber Melbourne LANDCORP Safety Video Barry Fawcett Gorgeous Harvey Norman MotionPictureCo Sydney Kiwi Rail TVC Chris Clarke Flying Start ANZ + Southern Cross + ZED 4 (kids in trucks) Kevin Denholm Exposure DILMAH TEA (in Sri Lanka) Rob McLaughlin Flying Start WeetBix Greg Page Flying Fish NZTA Stuart McDonald Sweetshop “MT ZION“ 90 Minute Feature (Tem Morrison Stan Walker) Te Arepa Kahi Kura (Small Axe Films) Placemakers Doco Style TVCs Kevin Denholm Exposure ZED 2 Tony Williams Exposure ZED Kevin Denholm Exposure Telstra Clear “Fairplay“ Chris Dudman Robbers Dog Sealord Alex Sutherland Thick as Thieves Greggs “Top Twins“ (Arri ALEXA) Chris Dudman Robbers Dog Telstra Clear “Brand Adventure“ Kevin Denholm Exposure Progressive “Coleman Family“ 1st and 2nd Series Chris Dudman Robbers Dog Countdown “Vegetable Orchestra“ Kevin Denholm Exposure ANZ “Perfect World“ and TSB Adam Stevens Robbers Dog AIR NZ Safety Video(old lady streaking) Tony Sherwood Exposure BUPA Mark Lever Sweetshop

2010 - 2015 Post Production - Craig Perry Sound 7 Owens Rd

20 to 30 TVC/Radio soundtracks per month Family Health Diary, Food in a Minute, Discover, Eating Well, Elite Fitness, Warehouse, Palmers, Valentines, 3M, SPCA, ZAPP Encore, Masterfoods, Tower, Next Generation, Turner�s Auction, Lumino the Dentist, AA, ADT Security, Watea, Cobb + Co IMPACT FOR LIFE 30 min TV Shows on Shine TV, TV3, Prime   City Impact PUMANAWA - the Gift Short Film SoundTrack Tui Ruwhui
Brad Haami Tauihu Media Landcorp + Kiwirail Health/Safety Videos Gorgeous INSATIABLE MOON (feature film) Dialogue Edit Holy Bucket Productions Life TV Series #3 8 x 30 minute TV Show Life SKY TV Documentary and Country Channel Promos LIFE TV 'Meaningful Answers' 2 x 13 part series for Shine TV   Life THIS WAY OF LIFE (Documentary) Sumner + Tom Burstyn Cloud South Films ACC Training Videos/ Galapogas Travel Doco   Ian John

2009 Feature Film

Title BlueHippo Media INSATIABLE MOON (location sound recordist) DOP Tom Burstyn Holy Bucket Productions

2008 / 2009 Notable TVCs

Title Director Production Co Sanitarium (Aussie Girl) Adam Stevens Robbers Dog 2 Degrees Steve Saussey Film Construction Vodafone Business Peter Martin Sweetshop Tourism NZ Kevin Denholm Exposure FOSTERS Fredrik Bond Flying Fish
Sonny London Moro "4th Best" Paul Middleditch Plaza Colgate "Ultra" Mark Lever The Sweetshop Meridian Energy Chris Dudman Robbers Dog Weetbix Chris Graham Film 360 Sovereign GaysornThavat Robbers Dog Stihl Adam Stevens Robbers Dog McDonalds Phil Harder Bob Industries/Curious ANZ Kevin Denholm Exposure TSB Kevin Denholm Exposure WESTPAC Kevin Denholm Exposure TOURISM New Zealand Kevin Denholm Exposure DULUX NZ Colours Kevin Denholm Exposure MY Sky HDTV Adam Stevens Robbers Dog ALAC Series Adam Stevens Robbers Dog PRIMO EXTREMO Adam Stevens Robbers Dog FIREWISE Greg Page Flying Fish NISSAN TIIDA Mark Lever The Sweetshop RABOPLUS Mark Lever The Sweetshop SEALORD Brand 2008 Steve Saussey Film Construction DOVE (Mars Australia) James Pilkington The Sweetshop National Party TVCs Andy Morton Film Construction

Freelance Years 1990 - 2007 Notable TVCs

Title Director Production Co ASB Series with “Goldstein“ Paul Middleditch Plaza TOYOTA “Bugger“ Tony Williams Sydney Film Co TE MANA Ministry of Education Series Kevin Denholm Film Construction SKY CITY Paul Middleditch Slater Films LOTTO Perry Bradley Film Construction BANK OF AMERICA Jake Scott RSA USA/Shoot NZ Air NZ NPC 2002 Kevin Denholm Film Construction McDonalds International 2004   Film Construction Natures Fresh Kevin Denholm Silverscreen MOH “John Kirwin“ 2000- 2008 Kevin Denholm Exposure Telecom T3G Kevin Denholm Silverscreen Toyota Team NZ 2005 Kevin Denholm Exposure STATE INSURANCE  “Helpful Tips“ Kevin Denholm Exposure TELECOM “Puppets“ 2007 James Pilkington Sweetshop FOODTOWN 2007 “Wine, Tomatoes, Cheese“ etc Kevin Denholm Exposure INSTANT KIWI  2006     Adam Stevens Robbers Dog

Many Other Film and Video TVCs for

Sweet Shop, Automatic, Republic Films, Silver Screen, Cherokee Films, Film Construction, Flying Fish, Flying Start, Spitfire, Wanted, Marg Slater Films, The Girl, Curious, Adworks, Motion Pictures, Colenso, Auckland Film Co, CPO, Digital Masters, Bill Thomas, Tiger Films, Bannan Films, Fat Films, Pens, 2 Ds, Gale Force, Rolling Films, Spearhead, Scott Footage, Images Post    

Post Production Studio

Title Director Production Co Prison Fellowship International 8 x Docos  2007 Kevin Denholm Exposure Weekly Documentary Channel Promos     Weekly The Arts Channel Promos     Parenting with Confidence Video     United Nations HIV Aids Doco Kevin Denholm Exposure Equal Employment Opportunity DVD series Ian John Ian John Productions University of Phillipines CHORAL CHOIR DVD 2007     Auckland Girls� Choir CD Recorded and produced 11 song CD for sale.  

Earlier Freelance Years - Location Sound


Title Director Like Minds Like Mine (16mm Film Doco) Kevin Denholm DOP Leon Narby Relative Guilt (Qantas Media Award 2000) Leanne Pooley Spacific Films Early Days Yet   Allan Curnow  (Qantas Media Award 2001) Shirley Horrocks DOP Leaon Narby Miles and Shelley Go Flatting Miles + Shelley Series Julienne Stretton Collen Hodge Shelley Has a Baby Julienne Stretton Collen Hodge Shelley, Dion and Michaela Julienne Stretton Collen Hodge Kiwiana Shirley Horrocks DOP Leon Narby Flip and 2 Twisters  (Len Lye) Shirley Horrocks DOP Leon Narby Breasts Doco Virginia Pitts Racounter Transformers Shirley Horrocks DOP Leon Narby Kiwi As Shirley Horrocks DOP Leon Narby Cancer, Beating the Odds Robyn Scott-Vincent RSVP Miscarriages Sue Younger Nona Films Child Safety Sue Younger Nona Films Whitbread Auckland Stopover Alexandra Hjelm Swedish  National TV Family Life Part 2   Zee Films Kaitaia   Zee Films Caravan Park   Whizzdom Runaways   Ninox City Guardians   Ninox Apec   Ninox Our People, Our Century   Ninox Billboard Ian John   Others for Top Shelf, Bryan Bruce, Anson Grieve, Small World  


CLAIRE 90 minute Telefeature Sunday Theatre (DOP Leon Narbey) (Starring Robyn Malcolm) Yvonne Mackay The Gibson Group Xena (Fill in days)   Pacific Renaissance Shortland Street (Fill in days)   South Pacific Pictures

Doco Drama

Against The Odds Series (13 x 1 hour)   Greenstone Productions Heroes Series 3 (13 x 1 hour)   Communicado


Location, Location, Location 13 Part Series 3, Maggies Garden Show, Marae, Waka Huia, Tagata Pacifica, Asia Dynamics, Sunday Arts, Laugh Inz,  Macphail + Gadsby    

Post Production

HIGHTIDE 35mm American Teledrama (13 x 1 hour)   Sync DAT rushes and Consult to ImagesPost on Timecode/sync solutions for this NTSC edited production Billy T James Show (2 x 13 Part Series)   Post Sound at Mandrill Billy T James "Alive + Kicking" Live at Aotea Theatre Concert + DVD   Record TV Show, Mix and Post Sound at Mandrill The Issues   Post Sound at Mandrill Magic Box 52 Part Children's Programme   Post Sound at 601 Digital
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