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I have spent 34 years working with Sound in Production, Post Production, Television, Live and Recorded music and Theatre.

Currently, I work both as a freelance Sound Recordist, something I have done for the last 25 years, and also engineer in my Protools Post Production studio, at 7 Owens Rd, Epsom, on the top floor.

Most my work now is specialized in film and video commercials, and some bread and butter retail video TVCs.

My record last Sunday night was 6 TVCs in 2 ad breaks that I worked on either in Production or did the Postproduction in my studio.

With my Post studio, I am able to take care of the sound from production to post, and continue to expand on the 13 years sound post production experience I attained during the 1980s and early 1990s.

Back in 1989, I was the driving force starting New Zealandís first successful Tapeless Sound Post Production Suite, at VIDCOM, using the Synclavier Direct to Disk Multitrack Recorder.
Thankfully, technology has advanced rapidly from those days, and now my Location and Post Sound is all TAPELESS. I have used tapeless Location Sound recording for 10 years. Present Digital recorder is Zaxcom FUSION, 10 channel , touch screen Compactflash recorder . And yes, my slate numbers are always correct, because I decided the cheaper hard disk/flash recorders are not a professional option for Commercials and Drama. The new FUSION being small but light makes my setup very mobile. It even has a touch screen qwerty keyboard. Rushes are on SD Card, meaning you have a rushes copy to keep with all audio takes, available anywhere in post. Even at that outside Audio Post studio. And Rushes are available as soon as ìWRAPî is called.

Most of my current work is with Commercials, web videos but refer over to see the wide range of Location and Post production sound I have worked on.

In the Protools studio, I regularly put out 20 to 30 TVCs to air a month, as well as a TV Program and many web videos

I take pride in my reputation as someone who approaches his work quietly, confidently, cheerfully and unobtrusively, while having a passion for recording quality sound, but having the experience to know what is acceptable sound in non ideal conditions, so as not to unnecessarily hold up the shoot.

My broad experience in all fields of sound, gives me a depth of understanding that enables me to advise on, anticipate and provide for all your sound requirements. My technical experience is also invalid with new challenges working with RED EPIC/SCARLET/DRAGON camera, Arri ALEXA and other emerging Camera formats requiring new ways of providing sound replay, sync monitoring issues and distribution of sound to agency/client. Along with 2 Lockit Timecode boxes to keep my FUSION Timecode the same numbers as video recorder, (automatically RED, ALEXA and FUSION sound in sync), I have 15 COMTEK wireless headphone feeds.


New Zealand Certificate in Engineering (NZCE Telcom)
TRADE CERTIFICATE in Radio + Electronics
Diploma of Sound Engineering SAE Sydney 1980 (Completed Course Work)

P. +64 21 763 602.   E.

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